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PowerUp! With Easy, One-Click Installs!

Install the "PowerUp!" plugin to install/update all these great plugins. You're just three steps away:

  1. Download the PowerUp! plugin.
  2. Unzip it in your plugins folder.
  3. 'Activate' it from the Plugins Management screen, and enjoy!
PowerUp0.1PowerUp! your Piwik installation. By VIP Software Technologies Inc.Alpha-Download
ActiveIP2Country0.1More accurate Visitor's Country report using IP to country lookup. By VIP Software Technologies Inc.Stable-Download
ActiveProvider0.1Enhanced Provider report using Public Suffix List By VIP Software Technologies Inc.Stable-Download

Plugin Submission

The PowerUp! Digital Download Store is now open. For non-free plugins, contact us for more information.

Package Requirements:

  • Plugins distributed under an open source license should allow both personal and commercial use.
  • Self-contained in a plugins sub-folder.
  • No patches to apply. (aka mods)

Terms of Service:

You agree to allow us to:

  • Review and arbitrarily accept/reject submissions.
  • Delegate the review of any submission, as needed.
  • Rename the package to avoid confusion, namespace collisions, or potenitial trademark infringement.
  • Retire any package that is adopted as a core plugin.
  • Remove packages without notice or at your request.
  • Store a copy of the source code under revison control.
  • Add a package manifest.
  • Re-package for delivery.
  • Classify and/or categorize packages.
  • Capture and display user ratings.
  • Host the package on our server to gather and display download statistics.
  • Transfer the operation of this service to another host.
  • Terminate this service.
  • Make changes to the above Terms of Service (inclusive).
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Premium Support

VIP Software Technologies Inc. ("VIPSOFT") is an open source software developer and sponsor of the ActiveAnalytics.com and ActiveAnalytics.net web-sites.

As a core developer on the Piwik project, we can help you leverage the power of Piwik, from custom feature development (e.g. plugin) to providing troubleshooting support.

Our code repository is hosted by SourceForge.net. Visit the ActiveAnalytics project page for more information.